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"Detached" Skull Lanyard Bead - Distressed Black

"Detached" Skull Lanyard Bead - Distressed Black

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"Detach... Remember... Reattach"

Detach from the hands in the shadow, from the judgments cast by others, from the constructed facade.
Remember your truth, the depths of your soul, the whispers of your past.
Reattach to your heart, to the significance that endures, and seize control of your narrative.


Introducing our exclusive "Detached" Lanyard Bead, a unique accessory that reminds us of our true selves and the connections that matter. Crafted with care by Alice, each brass bead boasts a distinctive distressed finish, making it a unique piece with an extraordinary story. 

Carry it by adding a lanyard, or tuck it into your pocket as a cherished lucky charm, always close at hand to ground you in moments of uncertainty. 

- Material: Brass
- Finish: Distressed
- Hole Size: 6mm
- Each bead comes with a detachable 3" cord loop
- Add-on (+$10): 5" weaved lanyard with a 2" loop

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