What the Eyes Don't See (Mini Contest)

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What the Eyes Don't see

The rope trembled beneath her feet. "Almost there," she thought. But how much further? What's on the other side? She had no idea. She took another step, blissfully unaware of the empty shells below her – watching intensely, patiently waiting for her to join them – There's no going back now. 


"Can she make it?"
"Will she fall?" 

They stared at the rising star. Well, either way, it would make a good show.  

CONTEST TIME! We see what we want to see, and nothing else. In this piece, I would like to tell a story through multiple perspectives: the blindfolded girl, the Goodbunnies, and us, the observer.

Who are these characters?

What did they not see?

Why is the girl blindfolded?

Let me know how you interpret it on Instagram!* I'll select my favorite one on 8/31, and that awesome person will receive a special gift from me! 

1. Follow me on Instagram @thegoodbunnyclub
2. Leave a comment on my Instagram post, write a few words about the piece
Bonus entry: Repost this image to your account! Don't forget to tag me so I can see!

Thank you for being here, looking forward to reading your version of the story!

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