The Making of Childhood Wasteland: Part 1/3

BTS Childhood Wasteland

For the past few months, my friends and I got together and worked on a super exciting project called "Childhood Wasteland." It is one of my proudest series to date, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

It all started with this sweatshirt design, the signature half Goodbunny. The Goodbunnies are human in bunny suits. Some people wear the costumes for fun, most people, however, put on the attire out of necessity; it is part of the requirements in this world. While they all look identical on the outside, inside everyone is different, or so they thought. If you wear the suit for too long, your body will melt away, eventually turning into cotton candy that fills the bunny. But hey, at least you are sweet and fluffy!


I knew what I'm looking for in a sweatshirt, but I had no idea how to translate it into writing. Fortunately, my friend Reni who majored in fashion design came to the rescue! She taught me how to measure and create a spec sheet. I've learned so much that day <3

Pinning printouts on a mockup shirt 
Spec sheet with all the fancy fashion terms

I wanted the shirt to be high quality with a clean, contemporary look. I chose the same French Terry cotton as the previous "What the Eyes Don't See" Hoodie. The fabric is smooth, breathable, and very soft. It is also a deep, rich black - a perfect canvas for the white screenprints.

One thing I dislike about most sweatshirts are the tight bands in the bottom; they tend to ride up into a bulky, muffin-top. Therefore I added two slits on the sides, so the fabric will fall straight against the body, creating a clean silhouette.

Digital file indicating the prints placement

So many details & numbers

Countless spec sheets and Adobe software later, the design was sent to production! And so the waiting game began.


Next time on the blog: While I waited, I gathered everyone to brainstorm ideas. My amazing friends outdid themselves and did so much more than I expected! Sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss a post :)

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