5 Simple Reminders That Will Make You a Better Artist

5 Simple Reminders That Will Make You a Better Artist

5 simple reminders that will make you a better artistI think deep thoughts in the shower, sometimes I write them down.

So the other night while I was shampooing my hair, I began to list out all the things I wish I'd known sooner. Here are some of the most impactful ones that have not only helped me grow as an artist, but also as a person.

1. You don't have to like everything, and you can't make everyone like you

I used to feel so stupid when I couldn't understand the art in a gallery. I would also get angry when a piece that I dislike receives more attention then I think it deserves. However, as I have spent more time in the art world, I realized that there are so many reasons why something is favorable or “good.” It can be a matter of taste, ideas, skills, connections, trend, money and the list goes on. So don’t be upset if you don’t agree with the popular opinions; likewise, if someone doesn't appreciate your work, learn the reasons but don’t take it too personally.


2. 80% of your sketches will be sh*t, and that's the point

We have all seen those beautifully rendered sketchbooks. Each spread is a masterpiece itself, and you wonder how the heck do they do it, where can they find so much time, and why don't they use better paper?! For the longest time, I thought I would only be "successful" if my sketchbook is as perfect as theirs. I couldn't have been more wrong! A sketchbook is an artist's brain - it is private, messy, and probably super weird. It is a place for you to practice, explore and push limits. You don't owe anyone your sketches; they are for yourself only and are meant to be imperfect.


3. Tailor the “rules” to fit you, not the other way around

Teachers, experts, people you admire, random person on the internet (hello) will tell you how to do things the "right" way: draw from large to small, never use pure white, sketch everywhere you go, avoid this material use that, blahblahblah...While each of those statements has its merits, the truth is, we don't need to follow everything. There are so many ways to draw and work. It is good to know these tips, but ultimately, do whatever that helps you achieve the results and makes you happy.


4. Always ask "what have I got to lose?"

This thinking applies to more than just art. I have to include it because it is the best piece of advice I have ever received. I doubt myself all the time; I am scared of rejection; I care about what others think...So a lot of time, I let fear holds me back. But one day, my friend asked me "What have you got to lose? How bad can it be?" And she's right. Most of the time, even the worst case scenario is not that bad; it is all in my head. Realizing this, I found the courage to take the risk. Sometimes it doesn't turn out the way I like, but more often than not, I gain so much from just going for it.

and there goes the last one on the list:


5. You will never be ready, do it anyway

Perfection is a myth. No one is an expert when they first started; we are all learning along the journey. So don't wait, if you want to do something, now is the time.


I hope you find this list relatable and helpful. If you do, please click the share button below so more people can see it! Sometimes things seem obvious, but we won't understand until we have experienced them ourselves. What is the best advice you have ever received? Tell me some of your profound shower thoughts on Instagram(@thegoodbunnyclub)!

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